Entrepreneurial Launch Pad

Entrepreneurial Resources

This content was created during a series of free workshops that our CEO, Rupak Doshi conducted in partnership with San Diego Tech Hub, over the summer of 2020. The series titled Entrepreneurial Launch Pad was designed with the goal of empowering entrepreneurs (startup founders & small business owners) with a wide range of concepts and a practical understanding of starting and running the first 2-3 years of their companies.

Are you a startup or a small business?

A practical guide to understanding the distinction between small business and startup, the stage that you are at from an unbiased perspective, and some of the unintuitive things that you need to consider prior to launching your company.

Setting up your company

Forming a company is like creating the scaffolding before the building. Kinks will sooner or later show up. This session will equip you with practical advice on how to setup your company (startup or small business) using best business practices guided by decades of experience and input from investors and business gurus.

A company's financial systems

We live in an interesting time, where on the one hand, small businesses have a lot more avenues of fundraising than before, and on the other, companies with unprofitable business models land unicorn valuations, and yet fall short of their targets in the public markets. Having a good handle on your company’s financials is highly revered now, more than ever, among the investor and lender community.

All about intellectual property

IP is an asset for any company, but only if you know how to monetize and/or defend it. For your product or service, does patenting or trademarking make more sense, or both? Do you really need to spend $$$ on these items, and if yes, then when exactly is the right time for it? Trade secrets can be another way to protect assets of your company, but you need certain systems in place to make them effective.

Funding years 1-2

The first two cycles of death encountered by most entrepreneurs are (a) where do you get the first ~$5-10K to launch your company? (b) where do you get the first $100-200K to validate your idea? A lot of startups never make it past this point to even get in front of potential investors. Explore ways to break these money->validation->more money cycles of death.

Funding year 3 & beyond

Startups and small business have distinct approaches available to them when it comes to attracting money to scale your business. What are these approaches and resources, and what are they typically looking for? We’ll chat about these and action items to put into place before being ready to scale your business.

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